Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


To play a leading role in the international scientific scene, focusing on basic research in energyrelated materials and oriented towards storage applications, contributing to the industrial competitiveness of Basque companies, through:

  • Excellent and high impact research;
  • Transfer of technology and knowledge to local industry;
  • Coordination of research efforts and technology in the Basque Country (relating to storage).


To become one of the top 5 research centres in Europe in CIC areas of focus and the leader of collective energy storage R&D effort in the Basque Country, generating measurable impact for Industry.

Strategic objectives

  • Achieving excellence in all of CIC activities through long-term orientation and focus high standards in research and the development of knowledge management in the organisation.
  • To constitute a talented, committed and well-balanced team through the promotion of attractive employment and career opportunities, creation of a supportive working environment, reinforcement of the attraction and retention of researchers and contribution to development of local young talent.
  • To maintain value-added collaborations and scientific recognition through establishing long-term relationships with first level scientific partners, with the aim of strengthening scientific dissemination.
  • To generate impact through technology transfer building confidence and long-term relationships with Basque industry and communicating effectively with Society.
  • Coordination of Basque Energy Storage research and technological development efforts through the implementation of a research coordination and dynamisation model.
  • Optimisation of the operative model by strengthening the collaboration with the Board of Directors and by establishing a diversified and stable funding baseline.


Targeting and guidance:

Concentration of research activity in materials science for energy storage, maintaining a longterm, stable and shared vision.

High standards:

In research, in the attracting of talent, in the development of infrastructures and in the management of the centre.

Attractive and a life project:

Opportunities for a challenging and motivating professional career, with strong appeal for both young talent and experienced researchers, in a facilitating work environment.

Cooperation and openness:

Smooth interaction and in-depth collaboration with the local and international scientific communities.

Measurable local value:

Commitment to the Basque Country, aligning the efforts of R&D with the needs of the local participants and promoting the development of industrial activity.

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