What is a CIC?

What is a CIC?

CIC is an acronym for Centro de Investigación Cooperativa (Cooperative Research Centre). A CIC is an organisation specialising in research in a particular scientific or technological area considered to be of strategic importance for a region’s economic and social development.

Their purpose is to pool the resources and competitive research work of different agents, who form a partnership through the CIC itself.

Their quest for excellence in research makes them a key instrument in meeting some of the targets set out in the Basque Government’s 2010 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, which sets out the lines of action for making the region a European benchmark in innovation.

To involve society as a whole in this target, the government encourages the creation of networks of interaction between the different agents involved in the development of each strategic area and - by extension - in the competitiveness of the Basque Country.

For example, in the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, the government has decided to set up and consolidate seven CICs as mechanisms of scientific/technological research capable of generating high-value business activity in industries with a future outlook.

Although they have developed out of very specific geographical settings, CICs aspire to be centres of reference (not only at a regional level, but also nationally and internationally) in their area of study. Their findings can therefore easily be extended on to an international stage through collaboration with agents from other elsewhere.

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