Elena Palomo

We develop thermal storage technologies that will be key in the current energy transition scenario, both for renewable generation and energy efficiency in industry.

Elena Palomo TES Scientific Manager

The figures of excellence

  • +150 researchers

    +150 researchers

    We believe in diversity, multiculturalism and meritocracy as enriching features for the performance of research activity at CIC energiGUNE. For this reason, our research centre has 15 different nationalities and is equally composed of women and men, exceptional researchers, who contribute to the generation of new knowledge about the storage systems of the future.  

  • +10 research groups

    +10 research groups

    Divided between research on electrochemical energy storage and thermal energy storage, our researchers develop their activity in different research groups, where the different areas of knowledge of the center laid. The groups collaborate generating new storage technologies through research lines.

    In this way, we promote the generation of knowledge, the orientation to the application, the promotion of research capacities, the constant circulation of ideas and the collaboration between areas. 

  • +10 leading laboratories

    +10 leading laboratories

    We could not be able to offer excellence in research without laboratories equipped with the latest technology; that is why we are the best laboratory in southern Europe for energy storage.

    All the characterization equipment is customized to perform advanced analysis to the different storage systems: nuclear magnetic resonance, XPS, X-ray diffraction, TEM, electrochemical testing...

    We also have strong capabilities in prototyping and scaling: cell prototyping room in reduced humidity conditions, thermal analysis and prototyping laboratories, material scaling laboratories.

    Platforms and facilities
  • +700 publications

    +700 publications

    80% of these more than 700 scientific publications by our researchers are placed in impact or Q1 journals, which gives them greater visibility in the research community and favours the prestige and promotion of their scientific careers.

    Our researchers are number one in Europe in publications for most of their research lines in both electrochemical and thermal storage, which makes the centre a reference.

  • +15 patents

    +15 patents

    Despite our youth, CIC energiGUNE has an important patent portfolio that is growing year by year. Patents that seek a triple objective: the recognition of our researchers, the contribution of value to the industry and to place the center at the forefront of patented technologies.

  • Steve Visco
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    Enthusiasm for research

    CIC energiGUNE distinguishes itself from many other institutions by its innovative research and by thinking for itself and not for what others are doing.
    Steve Visco Scientific advisor
  • Michel Armand
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    Adapted to the challenges of our times

    CIC energiGUNE is very well equiped; in fact, it is providing to researchers all the environment for doing super-science.
    Michel Armand Scientific advisor

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